I am about to give up on everything

Having depression and getting divorced have led me down a dark path. At one point I truly had hope of finding someone else but that is not happening. I admit I am not a good looking guy by any means but still thought there was someone out there. Sometimes I think I would be better off dead then deal with the pain of rejection on a daily basis. If I do not come back on here may God bless each of you because I will be dead.

One thought on “I am about to give up on everything”

  1. Please stay Alive! Whether you see it or not there will be people who miss you terribly, and I have seen what this can do to people. I heard the other day that everyone has an influence even if you don’t think you do. Someone is looking to you to see what they should do. You may not want to be alive, but the people around you need you. There is a reason you are here even if you haven’t found it yet. I don’t know what your life is like right now, but just leaving this world won’t solve anything. You will leave worth while things behind. Please try to stay alive, because I know that at times that is the hardest thing you can do but it is worth it in the long run. Many people I know have hurt themselves or have close friends who committed suicide, but the ones who made the conscious effort to stay alive ended up finding that life was worth every second of the fight even though it gets so freaking difficult and unbearable.

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