My dad making write this

I have to write in here everytime I mess up as punishment explaining what I did so here we go. It is supposed to make me think about it.

so I was in first block took my shoe off and was just kinda sliding it around messing with it not sure why just was bored I guess, we had a sub. The bell rang I grabbed my crap and just pick my shoe up and carried instead of putting it on . Head to my next class the hall was crazy packed I got my shoe knocked out of my hand picked it up and walked on, it happen again  I  picked it up again the third time it got knocked out of my hand somebody kicked it and it landed by a trash can. Some girl pick it up and walked off with it.I figured I would find her later and went to my next block all ready had two tradies .left second block for lunch. I seen the girl and ask her what she did with my shoe. She said O I threw it away in hall B. the bell rang so I just went to class thought I would look later After last block I headed to the bus didn’t want to miss the bus and went home.figured I would find it Monday 

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