Rainy Feelings

September 7th, 2018

                I find myself staring out the window again as the rain falls to the earth. The feeling that I get from the rain is serene and peaceful like everything that is wrong is washed away with the holy shower. The sounds and the smells seem to have an effect on time itself. The days are stretched to eternity. The clocks keep time with the pitter patter of the drops on the ground and the people walking past with their umbrellas take time to on their journey. The tiny lakes on the pavement are the joys of children in brightly colored rain boots and jackets. They splash around, and the water mimics their innocence. There is much love in the rain. The rebirth of life in the ground and the rejuvenation of the soul are gifts of grace from the skies. There is new life everywhere when it rains: in the trees, in the grass, and in me. The healing power of the water washing over my face is enough to bring peace in a crazy world like mine. The sunny and windy days rush by and life is a blur, but when it rains the days take their time and life takes a breath.  Rainy days are likened to despair and sadness, but what the feeling that it brings is being misinterpreted. Everyone seems to forget that rain is a good and necessary occurrence.

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