Stupid Woman driver

So, yesterday we were driving over to Sylvester’s Veterinary appointment. We’re in  our Jaguar. We come around this one corner and there’s a black coloured SUV  at the corner of the sidestreet. The driver (A woman), looks at us approaching and decides to pull out in front of us at the last second. I ended up slamming on the brakes and we stop at a red lite. I look through her rear window and I can see her smiling in the rear view mirror. I thought ok, there’s not really much of a bother there. She was in the wrong which, we both knew, and my Wife was like did you see what she just did? I was like umm, yes I did honey. I said a few colourful things and let it go. We get up to the next major street in which we have to make a right hand turn, she turns right in front of us. There are three lanes on this street, she gets into the middle lane. I speed up in the slow lane (Farthest righthand lane) and proceed on my way. I get almost next to her suv and she swerves her vehicle to the right into our lane to try to cut us off then gets back in her lane. That’s when I became incensed. I rolled down the window, gave her the finger and said some things out loud. That was uncool and totally uncalled for what she did. There was absolutely no reason for it when you cut us off to start with. I got into the farthest lane on the left and she is behind us at the red lite. I’m thinking ok lady, follow us and try to make a further scene. She turned left through not too much father after the lite. I told my Wife, I we didn’t have Sylvester in the car to go to his appointment I would have followed her. I would have gotten out of our car and when she got out of hers I would have floored her right there. I have never hit a woman before in my life but, her I would gladly have given a few crosses to. What a stupid assed woman. I have no idea what was in her mind to posses her to act like that on a roadway. 

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