Thursday September 6th

I found a place I want to live tonight! I hope it all works out. I need something to be excited about. I haven’t heard a word from Greg. I don’t expect I will. I will not text him. I just won’t. I am curious to see how long it is before he contacts me. Hell, he may never contact me again. I will die before I text him. Fuck him. I have been so good to him, and I have gotten exactly zero back. Fuck that shit. I will be just fine by myself. I have no choice. I think maybe I’m just not meant to be married. It certainly seems that way. I’m tired of trying to find someone. First dates suck so bad. I am giving up on them. I am going to try to make a life by myself that I can be happy with.  Once I get moved, I can start working on my apartment. That will keep me busy for sure. 

I don’t understand Greg, but I don’t suppose that matters for shit. What fucking difference does it make why he’s started acting like this. The point is, he’s showing zero interest in seeing me so fuck that nigga. He’s got the entire population of Corbin kissing his ass hard right now. There’s no room for me. He’s got about half the population of Corbin kissing his ass when he’s not sick. Yeah, it’s time for me to give the fuck up on this mess and move on. I’m dunzo. Dun. Done. 

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