To Whom May Care

To whom may care,

            Do you know what word is underused? It is a beautiful word, and maybe that is because it is not used. The meaning captures a feeling that can send you soaring to the ultimate feeling of serenity or the highest point of happiness. This is something that I find is a gift from God. It shows that what we want isn’t always what is best for us. I believe that this is one of the ways I feel his presence the most. Life is full of these serendipitous moments that can change the course of our entire lives. When I reflect on these my heart is filled, and I feel as though I have made a connection with the one who set our story in motion. Isn’t that what life is? A memoir made up of stories that all come together in the end to reveal the glorious purpose of our existence? This accumulation of stories of people whose lives seem to have no connection, but end up influencing each other in astronomical ways? You may have changed someone’s life and don’t even know it. You may go on to change my life, only God knows. Life, existence, is all worth it in this way. Because your story continues, another is set in motion.

            Serendipity means finding something amazing that you didn’t know you were looking for. This is the most beautiful occurrence in this plot line of God’s will and man’s choice. Looking around you, smelling the roses if you will, can result in the discovery of your serendipity.  It’s like waiting for your parents to finish talking to your kindergarten teacher and finding your best friend in the process. My portion of the memoir may be two words, two chapters, or a book’s worth in the grand scheme of things but knowing that I am even a part of it makes it worth it. The first seven days of this world’s existence was God putting pen to paper and telling us to write with the promise that if we looked for the plot, the end would be the most serendipitous moment in history. The question is, will you look for the plot, and continue your brief story in the memoir of the great storyteller?


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