Friday September 7th

Only a 4 day week at school- not terrible- just too many kids in my classes. We are packed to the fucking walls. I really ended it with Greg this time. I deleted him out of my phone completely. I am fucking done with his ass. I can’t call him if I wanted to because I don’t know his number. I wish I didn’t know Craig’s. haha. It would have saved me a lot of drunk text embarrassment. I just deleted a shit ton of those red necks out of my FB that I accepted friend requests from over the summer. I am cleaning house. I am going to move and get a fresh start. I told my land lord today that I’m leaving at the end of my lease. I need to get on my shit selling the clothes that I don’t want on eBay and I did list some furniture on craig’s list tonight that I need to get rid of. I am going to make my place perfect for me. I am about to change up my shit and stop whining over a goddam teacher. Fuck him. FUCK him. He’s bullshit. He has treated me like a goddam dog. I don’t give a fuck if he’s got cancer- I have been so good to him and he can’t even bother to goddam text me??? FUCK him. I am going to make a new life for myself. 

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