my dad makes me write this II

Dad came in my room while I was getting my socks and shoe on I finished and got up to get my books and He looked at me and said you need to get moving before you miss the bus. I told him I was ready He looked at me and said  get your other shoe on before you miss the bus. I said it is at school. How can your shoe be at school the bus honked and he said you better come home with two  Jaguars or one heck of a reason why not. I headed to the bus got to school and checked hall B the trash cans had been emptied so I went to class. got home dad just looked at me walking in still with a socked foot and said just go to your room we will talk at dinner.I knew I was in trouble. later at dinner he ask how do you lose one shoe I explained (the first entry) He just looked at me and said you don’t seem to concerned would you like to explain that. He is big on talking things out. I said well I should chased her down and got it back but I didn’t want to be late cause I have two tradies in that class and it was just a shoe not like I will die without it. That was a overload on my part I got the what it takes to make money talk. He makes me mad he never gets mad it is hard to to fight when he is clam. He ask what are going to do about this I told him I will wear a sock till I find it. he said if you don’t find it. Then I’m good why do I have to be like every other 13yr. You tell me all the time be myself well I’m good if I don’t find it. He just looked at me. and said time for bed

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