[349] ~*Mon – 09/10/18*~

[12:27 am]

I can’t believe a week already went by since the last time I wrote. I really don’t know where the time went. I also didn’t mean to wait this long before my next entry but I just got so busy. I don’t think I ever waited this long between entries. Oh well.

I have a week worth to write about so I feel like I don’t even know where to start but I should just start from the beginning and go from there. I’m not sure I will write all about it in one entry but I shall start and see where that leads me.



Vacation actually started on Mon but this was the day where we were leaving for the campground. I still had a bunch of stuff to get together and was meant to leave around 2 pm. Of course I checked my emails when I got out of bed and I had an email for an interview which needed to be done before Fri as they were hiring for the upcoming Tue. Holy! I explained to the guy that I was about to leave for the campground and that I wouldn’t be back in time to get an interview so he asked me to drive there right away so we could have an interview. WHAT?! So I rushed, got dressed and hub drove me to my interview. Got there, we got talking and then he was like “oh gosh, I am so very sorry but I just realized you’re bilingual and that class only starts in Oct so I wouldn’t of needed to rush you in today”. Arg! That said, I asked to reschedule the interview cause it would of taken too much of my time and I didn’t need to rush it in the end. At least he saw I was serious about it since I had rushed there before leaving for my vacation.

We then had to go here and there before leaving and preparing stuff so we finally left two hours late. Blah! We met my mom in town and had supper with her and then went to do our grocery and finally made it to the campground it was past 7 pm. That said, we pretty much wasted our first night there cause we got in, took our stuff out of the car, made the bed and pretty much went to bed. Lol! Hub fell asleep right away but I read for a while.

So yea, nothing much really happened on Tue beside the fact that I had rushed into an interview that I didn’t really needed to rush into. I’m happy thought cause I would of had to cut off my vacation of two days and would of had to quit my job without a notice which I don’t really want to be doing. I just hope I can reschedule and get that interview and know if I have a new job in a month. Would be so much stress off of my shoulders to know I’d be starting a new job soon. Only thing, it’s a calling center and I’m scared I won’t be able to handle it as I tried it years ago and it was making me sick. I just need out of my current job and then I’ll be able to find something else but at least I wouldn’t have to use the car anymore.



I can’t believe we were in bed so early and slept until 1:30 pm. Hub actually woke up at like 8 am and had breakfast but he then came right back to bed. My back was so damn sore, I had a real hard time getting out of bed and making it to the bathroom which was in the woods. The real joys of camping, when you have to walk in the woods to get to your bathroom. Especially in the middle of the night.

We sorta wanted to go in the pool but we ended up not going. We played some games which I kept losing so I was getting mad at hub but that’s always how it goes. We made a fire and had our delicious corn and some hot dogs and smore’s. I really stuffed my face. We stayed outside with the fire for a bit but once again, we were in bed early. 

We didn’t do much but the day went away anyways.



Again, slept until 1:30 pm and this day my back was really killing me. It took me more than an hour to be able to get up and get dress so I could make it to the darn bathroom. I needed to pee so very badly but I just couldn’t stand up, I had to keep sitting down cause my back was hurting. I felt like I was getting too old for camping. Glad we weren’t sleeping in a tent. It’s not the camping the problem, it’s me staying in bed for way too long.

I feel like we wasted a lot of time cause we were in bed so early and out of it so late but I guess we needed the rest and it was peaceful. I really didn’t wanted to leave and would of loved to stay there longer but I didn’t wanted to spend the extra money just in case my whole new job thing doesn’t work out or what not.

Again, we wanted to go in the pool cause it was hot but we ended up just chilling at our site and playing some games. We even took a darn nap as if we hadn’t slept enough.

We didn’t even play our outdoor games either, didn’t even take them out of the bag. What a lazy bunch we were. We did feed a squirrel and a chipmunk. I think hub ended up giving like half the bag of peanuts to the chipmunk. Lucky him, he’s gonna be full for winter. We tried feeding him by hand but he was too scared. Hub finally did feed him by hand but of course I was up in the tree house when he did.

It’s just unbelievable how I can just turn off my life when I’m at the campground. I don’t think of nothing and just relax and enjoy nature, beside the bugs. I already miss it.

I was just hoping for me and hub to kinda spend some more quality time together but like I’ve said, we spent most of it sleeping but I guess it’s what we needed so it’s all good.



On this day we had to get up early cause we needed to be out by 11 am. We packed up our stuff and made our way to town to meet up with mom so we could have lunch with her before heading back home. It was nice to be able to eat with her twice during the week. We normally get out of the campground to meet her at least once in town and do something with her but this year it was nice as we made it to the campground, parked the car and it stayed there till we had to leave. We didn’t leave the campground. We normally leave and do more than we did by staying there. Hub also didn’t even go fishing which I was so sure it would be the first thing he’d do. We he had went a few times while we were there last year. We also didn’t go for a walk in the woods like we had done. Like I’ve said, we did pretty much NOTHING this year. I feel like we wasted our camping trip as all we pretty much did was sleep. Oh well.

When we got back home, I was still tired so I pretty much just took our pillows in and went straight to bed for a few hours before unpacking the car. I did a few loads of laundry cause our clothes smelled of smoke from the fire.



Can’t believe it but i slept till like 2:30 pm which was worse than when we were at the campground. Arg! All I’ve been doing on this vacation is sleep, sleep, sleep. I didn’t get much done cause we were meeting friends at 5 pm to go eat and then go play bowling which was a bunch of fun. We need to go bowling more often, I miss it. We then went over to my friend’s place and played some board games which was super fun. We ended up staying there until almost 4 am. 



Since I ended up going to bed so late the night before, I slept pretty much all day. I had planned on mowing the lawn and cleaning the suggies cage but neither got done. I just wanted to sleep the day away. This vacation is very sad but I guess I’m getting the rest I needed. 


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