Hello World!

Hello World!

     I have to admit, I am a bit rusty and haven’t done this in 15-20 years!   That fact is unbelievable to me, that I have been around long enough to have journaled 20 years ago.  Well a bit about me:  I am a newly 35 year old woman.  Divorced.  I have three amazing babies (13, 11, and 8).  I am a graduate student.  I am a teacher. 

Those are the things I openly admit to the world.  The things I do not easily admit are that I am as lost and confused as I was 20 years ago.  That I am not sure where my life should be headed.  That despite how it seems, I am weak and afraid.  That nine times out of ten I do not know what I am doing.  And that I have never truly learned to love myself.  

Well, I am taking this time to work on myself.  I want to be the person my children look up to.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be happy.  One day, I want to live without self doubt.  

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