Monday Monday

Can trust that day, to disappoint.  Rough morning yesterday.  My wife was due to depart the Outer Banks NC and head home, which was  good timing because now the evacuation from that area will be a nightmare with hurricane Florence bearing down.  So she never answered my “morning love” text, thus at around 9:30am I called and learned that she had backed into another vehicle in my new SUV.  She laughed as she told me the tail light was cracked and fell off.  She and her friend then exited, got some packing tape and put it back on.  She called to tell me it was as good as new.  She then laughed again.  I drove the vehicle for maybe two weeks and she cracked it up.  I can live with that, things happen and she wasn’t hurt, thank God.  But that she laughed twice and never said “sorry I messed up your car, we’ll get it fixed”.  

But that news came after I received a text from John Sisson Motors, the Mercedes dealership, telling me I need to get my old car off their lot, it will need to be towed.  They made us wait for three weeks just to analyze it for water damage, which after sitting in the summer sun for a total of six weeks, all such water damage evidence was long ago gone.  I asked them to help us find a buyer for parts.  The answer was that it’s not worth $100.00, after we spent over $12,000.00 over the last decade paying them for service for it.  That was so depressing and remains so.  I don’t know what to do.

Then a text came from a tenant that he has an active leak over his bedroom.  Too much bad news for one morning.  It just overwhelmed me.  I played Pickleball after 5, which always helps me to feel better, as a good distraction.  Came home and made spaghetti for my wife’s arrival around 9:00pm.  It was a nice homecoming after all, but by bed time, I was just so overwhelmed with all I can describe it as, was sadness.  So today will hopefully be a better day.  I wish the Mercedes would just burst into flames and go away.  State Farm cancelled the policy without our asking, and closed the claim.  No loss because the water had long ago evaporated.

Sunday meeting was good.  No one had a burning topic so I suggested what our big book states on the cover, “From Shame to Grace”, and we went with that.  I liked having a positive subject for once.  Ironically, we all remove the cover from our big book because we don’t want anyone to see the name “Sex Addicts Anonymous”, so I don’t think we’re all the way at Grace yet.  In the news, Mel B, a former Spice Girl entered rehab for substance abuse and sex addiction.  I don’t wish this on anyone, but perhaps it shined a brief light on this secret recovery and possibly raised awareness by an inch or two.

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