The Lord’s Blessings..

I’ve had something happen today that is rather unfortunate to have to go through but, it is fixable and it will be rectified.  This is a valuable learning experience. It is also a humbling experience. I am not going to say here what it is that has happened because, I am a deeply private man. I will however, never have us put into this position again. 


I need to make sure that I minimize the damage that loose lips will cause. This family of my Wife’s are a bunch of gossipers. I will squelch any noise that I hear coming from any one of them. The position that we are in right now is a tight one but, The Lord is loosening the bonds little by little. 

We will have to rethink some things and get ourselves upon a better schedule and, we shall do just that. I have also thanked the Lord for today, and I do wholeheartedly thank Him. Without Him, nothing would be possible and I would not have the hope that is instilled in my heart from my faith in Him.  

I will at some point say what we are going through right now at a future time. 


I just however, cannot wait until we get into our own place which will be just a matter of time. I am in a very difficult place mentally speaking because, I feel as though we are living out of a suitcase. I have always been, and always will be a provider. This changes nothing of the sort regarding that going forward. It’s just the matter of some time. What I need to do now going forward is, have a plan and a budget in hand. I know what I need to do and it shall be followed to the letter. This time off will give me the efforts to be clearer upon the points that I need to make.


In the end, it is all a bit of the clearing up that the Lord would have for us, and for me. It is a blessing in disguise. 




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