to the one who got the job

You probably got the call on Friday, offering you the job we both interviewed for. The job that was perfect for me, but that I wasn’t perfect for. The one I needed, the one that would help me mend my heart, find my way again, and start my tomorrow.

I needed this job. I hope you needed it more. Maybe, like me, you were looking to leave a place that drains you of all positivity and hope. That made you unwilling to leave your home in search of something, anything, to restore your smile. 

I hope you truly recognize how lucky you are to have stumbled upon this path. Succeed and excel, and never take what you’ve got for granted. You were the one who bested me. I’ll never know what the future held for me behind those doors, and it makes me sad. I desperately wanted to find out.

Perhaps this means there is something else out there for me, but until that long-awaited moment comes, I grieve this loss. Enjoy your victory; I’m sure you earned it.


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