Drama and bullshit….

Today, we had something to take care of which we did. We did some walking today, almost 5 miles worth. I have 142,00 steps done on my challenge of 200,000 steps for the month. I feel great, I feel really strong. The thing about right now though is that I am really seething over my Sister in law. She hung up on my Wife yesterday when she had to tell her what happened. She is the most selfish woman there ever has been. She feels absolutely no shame in getting into our business. Mom, has no problem with this either. My Brother in law just moved out. He was drinking our soda, as well as my Wife’s Sister. She comes over with her Grand kids and has no problem with them drinking our soda and eating our snacks. This is the most unbelievable situation that I’ve ever been in. I absolutely hate living here but, for the moment we have to because we have nowhere else to go. 

My goal right now is to get as much money together as fast as I can to save up and get out of here. Therein lies our plan.This morning we came up with it. When we get our settlement, we have to pay off our debts and get our suv up and running, all legal and registered. From there I was thinking of us getting into an apartment or a townhouse with a garage. I started really looking for places, even mobile homes to rent and to be honest, I don’t want to live in this state anymore. Neither does my Wife. 

So, I started looking for rental houses in Montana where we want to live. What we saw was extremely encouraging. We can afford to rent a house there. There’s a store that I can transfer to in that same town, my Wife can transfer to another store there too. There is NOTHING keeping us here. November will be four months that I will have worked at my job. We came up with this plan. With the insurance settlement we’ll do what I said before but, we’ll have the money to do all the deposits that we’ll need to come up with. So, in a nutshell, when we get the settlement we are moving to Montana.We are going to be in our own rental house celebrating Christmas in our own place with our babies together with us. We’ll have a garage to keep the Jaguar in and that will be that. We do that for a year, and get everything situated whilst that is all going on then, we’ll be in our own farmhouse after that. 

So, today we bought our own coffeepot which we have in our room, and I brought up my kettle. We’ve got our own creamer, coffee and sugar in our room. Next we will get that mini fridge that we saw at walmart and a microwave and that will be that. Her Sister wants to be like that well guess what, she has never fucked with a person like me before and she’s going to see my other side. She won’t know what to do. I’ve been more than tired of her bullshit. When we move, I won’t say anything until the morning of when we pull up to the driveway with the rental truck.  After we get the settlement we will drive out to Montana  for a few days, maybe a week and get everything set up with our transfers and a place to live. 

This is going to happen.

Her Sister better stay the fuck out of my way.



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