i am sorry

um, hello. i am dakota.

not really. i am not dakota, that’s not my real name. but i must hide my identity, or people will find me. so please, call me dakota. that’s who i want to be anyways.

mom, i am sorry. i was never the nice girl you want me to be. i was never pleased with my body nor the way i looked.

the reflection on mirror i see whenever i face it disgusts me and i am sorry mom. i will never be a great “daughter”. 

dad, i am sorry. i always lie to you. you are trying to protect me but i always push you away. so, i am so sorry. i am sorry for making you feel like you are responsible from my attempt of suicide. it was not because you hit me twice on my cheek that night, it was because i felt as if my life couldn’t get worse. so i wanted to die more than anything.

sister, who tries to be a great role model to me, i am sorry. 

i just love you so much, but i will never be able to tell you that, because i am scared of showing my raw emotions.

i am sorry i am not good. but i am trying.



life goes on. it will always go on. i am alright, i am trying my best. i will get through this just like i did two years ago on a nightmare like night.

stay alive!

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  1. Hey, sorry you have to deal with this. I really wish you lots of luck.

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