i just woke up

so yeah, the title makes it pretty clear. i just woke up and it’s a problem. 

my school is about to start, in 4 days actually and i am really anxious about it. my social anxiety started making me feel on the edge. it started making me feel like that a couple months ago but since school is getting closer now, it feels worse. 

i woke up at 9:30 am yesterday and went out, but then when i came home i slept at 5:30 pm and woke up at 11 pm, so my sleep schedule is pretty fucked up. 

then i slept at 6 am in the morning… it’s 11:53 am here now, but since the timezones are different it might say another hour. i am sorry about that. 

i should really get up and have breakfast but i am just so tired. i don’t feel like it is going to be a shitty day but it definitely won’t be the best either. 

anyways, i will probably leave another entry whenever i am bored or you know, something worthy of talking about happens. 



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