Life’s Good.

Hi, I’m Maxwell, I’m sad all the time and I made this account on an impulse because I wanted attention Isn’t that great? Anyways, I’ve heard that talking about “it” makes you feel better, but I’m afraid of doing it to people I know personally because they always start to treat me weird, like a I can’t handle myself, and I fear that a close friend would feel they would have to be “strong” for me and bundle up their own feelings in an attempt to do so. I just don’t want to hurt people, but I often contradict myself. I’m not a good person.

I don’t know why I’m sad a lot, I just am. It’s really some petty shit, honestly. It’s kind of off and on, too, so some days I am resistant to everything while others—like today—I genuinely want to curl up and die. It’s fun.

I get nervous of getting nervous sometimes and start crying. Not in front of other people, of course, then I just rapidly breathe and hold in my meaningless tears until it hurts.

How are you all feeling tonight? Good, I hope, if not, I hope it gets better.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Good.”

  1. you are really strong. even writing this proves it.
    it doesn’t matter if you are hiding your identity like me, it’s just amazing you don’t bottle up. let it all out, i really want to see how this goes and i want you to be happy at the end of this journey.

    good luck. believe in yourself and stay alive.

  2. Thank you, Dakota. You seem like a good person.

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