the day he first left

 he left you for about the ugliest bitch ive ever seen it inst worth it anymore hes not worth it at least he was going to cheat on you and u never would of known because hes a sneaky bastard. 
im glad in a way everything happened the way it did this keeps happeining. he promised me he would never hurt me like that again and he didnt think about me for a second when that bitch wanted his number.
hes lost everything over her and no matter what he will never come back here again hes a sorry piece of shit
i dont even love him anymore im just pissed the fuck off. he hasnt even came and gotten his stuff or called or texted…oh fucking well he wanted to fuck her at first just to see if he could get money from her i meant that little to him
so she can take care of him now cuz im done i dont give a fuck about him. he deserves everything bad that will happen..i dont want to know if hes ok i want to believe hes miserable…i dont know what the future is going to bring but its in my hands in control for the 1st time in a long time…fuck that nasty bastard i fucking hate him and dont even fucking care if he never comes around agian…t might take some time but karma is a bitch and not that i care if he does but hell miss us one day…

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