Day 2, the meaning of 333 to my Sir and what I feel from his energy.

From looking into my Sir’s eyes I see a kind soul with a savage temper. His number signifies that his life path is going forward to his destiny that he chose. Everything is going according to plan. His angels are near by to guide and aid him on his journey. Whatever it is he requested during this life time, will be granted. Encouragement from his angels will push him through any hurtle.

There is something very important to learn in this life time for my Sir. Angels sending him messages of encouragement and strength. He will always be protected. No evil will prevail with his tender and generous heart being so loving. He may feel evil creeping in but his angels are there to protect him and will not allow them to enter his own realm.

Having the triple 3’s in sight of him also tells me that Ascended Masters that once walked this earth are with him and will protect and guide him. There is an important lesson to be learned in this life time for my Sir and he must make an important decision about whatever it is he is pondering about. Being in tuned with the Universe, I trust that he will make his decision with eyes and mind open. 

The Universe is guiding my Sir to speak his truth and expressing his authentic self. He uses his voice to express his emotions and when he speaks the truth, his soul will be tamed and he will find inner peace. 

Lastly, the triple 3’s are a reminder that he is made up collectively of this Universe and we are all connected through energy. We are all born with talents and abilities. The Universe wants him to explore his abilities and gifts on a higher frequency giving vibrations to others and to the earth where we all unite and dwell.

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