[353] ~*Fri – 09/14/18*~

[9:52 pm]

I thought I was getting better with this whole mucus thing. I hadn’t puked any until I forgot to take my allergy pill for two days. I was then fine for a few days but for the past 2-3 days I’ve been having a real hard time to where I need to puke some up during the day. I’ve already puked some up twice today and I need to go again. I just don’t understand why as it was going so well since I’ve started taking the inhaler but now it doesn’t seem to be helping anymore. 

Beside that, I’m still sorta confused on what I’m doing. This morning I totally didn’t wanted to go to work. I slept well until I woke up and checked the time around 7 am. My body then started stressing, I had headache, felt like puking (not mucus but real puking) and my stomach just felt really wrong. I was actually crying and telling hub I really didn’t wanted to go to work. All I wanted to do was call in sick and go back to bed. He told me to go to work and that it would be fine so I went. It wasn’t too too bad once I started working but more it’s going, more I’m looking forward not to have to drive around anymore. 

While I had some time in between clients, I tried to do some adding and subtracting and what not to see where I would stand as far as earning with this new job and doing hours here and there. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m gonna be making enough to cover my current job and it’s really hard with the activity money and gas money. I think I’ve worked it out that with the new job I should be making about $20 more per month which is good but I’m totally not sure it will really be the case.

I emailed the guy back today as he hasn’t answered me and I’m still waiting for an answer. This is really pissing me off as the class starts on the 24th and I have no clue if I got the job or not and I need to give my current job a notice. I went to the office today and the girl was hoping I had some good news for her. She was like “You haven’t heard about your car by any chance, like, it won’t cost you much and it will last you another 2-3 yrs.”. Arg! I felt so bad cause it was exactly what I had learned last night so I felt like she had spied on me (maybe she reads my Journal.. now I will become paranoid about writing on here but there is like no damn way). So yea, I feel so very bad cause I know I will be getting my car back but I honestly don’t think I can do this job full time anymore so I really want to go give something else a try, even a calling center.

I’ve just looked for jobs and there’s one I’d like to apply for as it says “no experience needed – will train”. It’s only part time but I could work there and work the other hours with clients at my current job. With this one job I would be staying in my field so it would be nice. They are asking for a cover letter which I don’t currently have so I will have to work on that and send my resume cause this could be something I may enjoy.

Alright, I really need to go cough up some mucus right now, it’s driving me crazy.


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