[354] ~*Sat – 09/15/18*~

[9:52 pm]

Ever feel like you want to do a million things but yet you don’t want to do a single one? Meh! It’s how I feel right now. I’ve been listening to music which is making me want to sing as well as get up and dance. Yet, I’m too lazy to the either right now. I’m also wanting to do the dishes but then again, I don’t really want too. I’ve been wanting to start making centerpieces to see if I could make some money out of those and I really, really wanted to go out and buy some stuff tonight to start making some but… yep.. haven’t done so. The only thing I’ve done tonight that was on my list was to go vote. I’m actually surprised that I went out and done so.

As if I wasn’t confused enough. I started looking at hair colors and I sorta want to change the color of my hair but I’m not sure. It’s always scary to change color as you never know how it’s really gonna turn out. I’ve been seeing so many pretty colors that I would love to try but don’t know if I have the guts to do it. Also, if I do decide to change color I think it will cost me more as she will have to bleach my hair for the new color. On top of that, I started wanting to let my hair grow. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but every time I try, I give up and just want it cut off. I think the main reason I’d want to let my hair grow right now is because some of the colors looks better in longer hair. Summer is now over so it won’t be as hot so it would be the best time to start growing it if it’s what I want to do. I normally get my hair done every eight weeks so I’d be due on Oct 2. That said, I still have like two weeks to decide what I want to do. Really, I’ve been wanting to just start wearing wigs so then I could have all short of length and colors and wouldn’t have to worry about the color fading when washing and I could wash my actual hair without worries. Maybe I should have a look at wigs online and start by ordering one and see from there. It’s just so much maintenance to keep up funky colors.

I’ll try not to think about it too much right now cause I already have enough to think about. I just don’t know why I really feel like changing my hair color.

Actually, I would also like to change my nose piercing. I’ve always had a stud and for some reason I would like to get a ring for a change. I’ve looked online to see if I could order one somewhere but I can’t seem to find any that I really like.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel like I need to change everything. Maybe I really am having a mid life crisis.

I want to apply for this one job but they are asking for a cover letter which I tried to make one earlier but I gave up. I just don’t know what to write and how to sell myself so I just end up giving up. I have a feeling I might not apply for the job just cause I don’t want to go through the trouble of making a cover letter. I asked a friend to help me out but she told me to make one and then she’d check it out. I want HER to make it. Lol! I might have a look a hub’s and copy from his but I know I’ve tried that in the past and just gave up. I thought cover letters weren’t a thing anymore. Meh!

I went out with my first client this morning and then came back home for a nap of an hour before my second client. Might as well enjoy those times where I can nap in between clients before I can’t do that anymore. I went to see The Predator which was okay but I think I fell asleep. I’m not a big fan of aliens movies.

It’s still fairly early but I think I will be heading to bed now as I’m sorta tired. I’ve been very tired every morning so I should get some rest tonight as I’ve been getting barely six hours of sleep since I got back to work and we all know I LOVE sleeping so I need more than that.

I just feel like I haven’t done anything today so I feel bad to be going to bed but what ever. I will feed the suggies and go to bed and read for a lil. I just hope I won’t be reading till 1 am. I might put an alarm to make sure I don’t read too long and actually get some rest. Sounds like a good idea.


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