Esther 5:13, An Insatiable Heart

Esther 5:13, “But all this gives me no satisfaction…” (NIV)

One of the greatest struggles of humanity is to realize, and exercise, contentment. Inherently, we have a tendency to desire more, and seek more. In other words, what we have is never enough. There is always a pressing need to look toward the next job, or the next possession, or the next church, or the next leader, or the next whatever. The heart is insatiable. It is rarely satisfied. In such a state it is impossible to discover happiness, joy, or peace. Sure, we may enjoy such dispositions in spurts, and in moments, largely because of fleeting emotional highs, or personal achievements. But unless we come to a place of total surrender in God’s sovereignty we will never tap into divine temperaments day-in and day-out. To put it another way, without humility, we will never be content in all matters – in all situations.     

Haman is an example of how caustic a lack of contentment can be in one’s life. In Esther 5:11, Haman recited his own accomplishments. He was affluent. He had ten sons. He was elevated above other nobles, and had the favor of the king. There was practically nothing Haman lacked from a material perspective. And yet Haman still was not satisfied. He was not happy. He was not joyful. He was not at peace. Why? Because one particular person in the kingdom, Mordecai, failed to give Haman the requisite respect and tribute Haman believed he was worthy of having. Think about it – Haman, the man who seemed to own it all, was willing to risk everything because of one thing he could not purchase or acquire: the approval of Mordecai.

Truly, what can satisfy a carnal heart? Riches? Respect? Position? Power? None of these pleased Haman. He had just about everything, and it did not offer him any sense of lasting happiness, joy, or peace. He still longed for more, and it consumed him. And this is the warning to believers. What is it that we desire? What consumes us? If it is not the Lord then we can become more like Haman, and less like Jesus. Haman had a lot, from a worldly standpoint, but in the end he was miserable and frustrated. In all, the Lord is enough. In fact, He is more than enough. And His love can satisfy our insatiable heart.

Kevin Orr (9/15/2018)

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