Dear Journal,

My meeting and journal report is already finished. It stopped at 1pm. Then I will have another presentation this Tuesday, and another on Thursday. I only have few days to revise the research proposal. 

From last night, I was thinking about JL. I wonder how he is now. I still  do admire him, and I treasured the moments I spent with him. I listened to our song again. I felt like I was a teenager again. I hope I will see him someday, and I hope I am, and he is in “good condition” when I see him again. “Good condition” means, I am happy and doing well with my life and also he is also happy and doing well with his life. Meaning, we accept the situation we will be in. …Even if we will already have our own partners in life at that time. I hope he would appreciate my contributions to his life. I miss him. I did not regret my decision of breaking up with my ex, because my heart was really into JL .  But I do feel guilty somehow of not being able to keep up with my promise to my ex. For giving him  hopes that failed. Well anyway, he has moved on now, he has a wife. 

This afternoon, my parents are gonna come here. We will go to my brother’s place for a birthday celebration.  Tomorrow I’ll be preparing for work again. My life now is focused on majorly on work and spending time with family members. I wonder when I will go out again for studies. I hope it will be soon.

Happy weekend.

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