If fate gave you a chance to change your life  ‘Will you?  Who will not!  Have what you want,  anytime but,  we know it’s not like that!  That life is much more.  That nothing comes easy to our hands.  That there are sacrifices to be made to achieve our goals.  And so we lived;  of sacrifices.  Between sorrows and joys,  we learn to;  Love without conditions,  that when you do damage hurts,  and that when they hurt you;  hurts.  You learn to value;  your people,  your house,  your body.  That;  its up to you if you  are happy or suffering.  That it will be your Desitions that lead you to victory or  you defected  And you’re going to fail;  at some point,  somewhere,  you will.  Not because you deserve it,  not because you earned it  .No!  It’s just what it’s.  We came to learn and well!  We know how rare we learn the good  from good.  So;   we going to suffer a little.  Others;   dare more,  we call them Masochist  thieves,  intrepid,  courageous,  according to your feelings,  will be your thinking.  But,  we all got something in common ;  ‘ DESICIONS’!…..

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