R – Started like a dream, almost like a K-drama

First time I saw him was during summer 2013/2014 on the country line train heading back to my parents home from working in the city. He was… quiet, but confident, mysterious, and more importantly, I found him incredibly cute. I couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to him or get his attention in any kind of way, instead I was sure I was just staring over at him a lot and making him wildly uncomfortable. He got off the train and I asked one of the staff on the train whether they recognise him as someone who catches that train often (probably super creepy of me, I know). I didn’t see him again for another 3 more months. 

3 months later, I had moved out to the suburbs closer to uni, and closer to working in the city. I would always finish work at 10pm on Friday nights, and rush to catch the train at 10:10pm. That’s when I started seeing him again. I would get so nervous and shy and girly and weird that I would immediately call my friends or my sister to ask them what I should do. By the 5th consecutive week of seeing him on that same train, I tried to call my friends and my sister again, but coincidentally no one picked up. I was low-key panicking, but the thought, ‘fuck it, if he turns me down I don’t have to see him ever again’. 

He usually does puzzles on the newspaper on the train. So I asked to borrow his pen, wrote down my name and number, and returned his pen along with the note. I got up, and walked towards the doors of the train which I timed badly, and got off the train. 10 minutes later as I got to my sisters apartment, he texts me back saying “bit unfair you left me blushing on the train as you got off”. It was the most exciting feeling as I was jumping up and down and squealing girlishly at my sister.

I remember driving home from my sisters apartment that night feeling like a teenager, young and excited as well as in disbelief that he actually texted me. That night we texted each other continuously and tried to get to know the basics about each other. We were texting till 1am, and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and saw that he had replied me at 3am, and we just kept continuing to text each other through the weekend. Maybe I was naive, maybe I was also young and simple minded, but we never ran out of conversation, and was texting each other almost every moment of the day.

We had initially planned a date after we both finished work on the following Friday night, however as we were texting on Tuesday we both realised we were free that night, and he was still in the city and had just finished uni for the day, so we decided to meet up for dinner. 

I still remember catching the train out to the city that night, and then seeing him wait for me in front of Starbucks with a bruised eye that he had from football practice. It was probably the most perfect first date you can imagine. We took a stroll in the city, and decided to take random turns until we got to a restaurant. At the restaurant we ate, and we talked despite having already been texting non stop since we started texting each other. After dinner we also took a stroll by the river and talked about the most random topics imaginable. For some reason I decided to bring up the story about a Japanese cannibal who was about to dump the remains of a victims body into a river, right as we were walking by the river. Anyone else probably would have been creeped out and disturbed, but the conversation was so natural and fun that I could tell he found it endearing of me. We caught the same train to head back to our own homes that night. Except this time not as strangers. 

On Friday we still decided to go on the date we had originally planned. But because it was so late after I had finished work, we couldn’t go to any restaurants, but still had a stroll in the city, and got late night coffee as well. I remember he wore a blue suit with a burgundy tie and pocket square that night as he was just at a friends 21st before he came to see me. We caught the same train home that night again, and as I was about to get off the train he reached over, held me head, and kissed me on the lips. At the time I was shocked, but obviously enjoyed it. In hindsight I’m grossed out (you’ll understand why later), and I’m pretty sure he tried to slip in the tongue even though I had never done that before. That night I got home still in disbelief that all this was happening and we had gotten along so well despite the fact that we were literally strangers off the train, I remember rolling around my bed squealing in awe for how much I liked this guy.

The week after that we met up at the library at my university to study together on a Wednesday night, and as I was dropping him off at the train station to catch the train home, we were kissing passionately in the car, and were there for a long time while waiting for his train to arrive. The cops even came over to tap on the window to make sure everything ok, or more possibly because they thought we were having sex inside the car. 

The Friday that same week, we went out for another date followed by another walk by the river. We decided to stop and sit by some benches as we were facing the river on the cold night. It was there when he asked me “what we were”. I was awkward and didn’t really know how to respond to that, but he decided to diffuse the awkwardness and said “how about I say you’re my nigga” (I apologise for the use of that word as he is an imbecile). I still didn’t really know how to respond at that point… But then he follow up with “how about I call you my girlfriend?”. I shyly said “that sounds good” and giggled (like a fucking idiot). That night we caught the train home again, except the train didn’t go to his stop, so instead I offered to drive him home. We got to his place and made out in the car on his driveway. I don’t know if his parents saw, but I drove home from his place and was completely shook at how head over heels I was over this guy, and how much I was enjoying it. I even thought to myself that I probably love him, but wasn’t sure if thats what the feeling was as I had never been in love before to know.

The Monday afterwards we were supposed to study together at the library at my university again, instead I asked him to come over to my house to study as I was “doing laundry” and couldn’t leave. Obviously that was an excuse. So he came over to my place, and we were about to have sex in afternoon, but turns out neither of us had protection. So we went to get protection, and decided to actually study a bit instead and post pone it until night when my housemates were asleep instead. After dinner, after studying, and after my housemates were asleep we decided to try again. I don’t know why but he made it really comfortable for me, and I wasn’t nervous at all. I’m not sure if it was the hormones speaking, or if it was the heat of the moment, but he ended up saying “i love you”, and I responded with “I love you too”. Everything happened so quickly, and the relationship was moving really quickly as well, but we were both comfortable with it, and it just felt right.

After that, we were both obnoxiously in love. It felt so loving and almost like a dream, but so real at the same time. We’d would be the most cheesy couple I can ever imagine, and were shockingly comfortable with it all. He would dry and brush my hair after we showered, cosy up by the heater with a towel while we cuddled, cooked and fed each other, write long texts about how much we loved each other and were so glad to have found each other, looking back it was so cringeworthy. But that was how much of a dream the relationship was at the beginning.

Our first year together went by like that, obnoxiously in love, and we saw each other almost every day of the week and stayed over at my place most of the week as well, and I would drive him home on the nights he would have to go home. Even when I had to move back to my parents place, and we couldn’t stay with each other every night anymore, it didn’t stop us from seeing each other just as much. I would drive him home from work almost every night, and we would linger in the car and cuddle or fall asleep to the sound of the rain hitting the roof of my car until it was midnight.Meeting the parents went by smoothly as well, and both our parents liked us. His mum would also treat me like her own daughter, and was happy for me to spend the nights over at their place most nights of the week. Though we were pretty much close to being broke in our first year being together and our jobs were still a bit unstable, we would still spoil each other with gifts and nights out together. 

Looking back, that first year and even partly up to the second year together still feels like a blissful dream. We were both so madly in love with each other, and we were both so thankful to have each other considering how we were nothing but strangers to begin with. We were constantly reminded of the odds of meeting each other the way we did and have it work out so perfectly that we had to cherish all of those moments and would want to relive them all over again.

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