Saturday September 15th

I feel like I did a lot today. I walked John 4 miles, I went to Versailles with Bethany to look at a piece of furniture at an antique shop, I gave John a bath, I gave Sophie a bath, I cleaned up the bathroom, I washed my sheets, I went to Walmart, I vacuumed the shit out of the house, trying to get rid of the fleas. The lady came and got the side table, so I made $75.  I have all of October to get that stuff sold, so I’m not in a hurry. I ordered wheels to go on my white night stands- I need to make them taller if I’m going to be able to use them with Noah’s bed. I don’t know if it will look okay, but it’s worth a try. I guess I will have to rent a truck to pick up anything I buy locally. Brent is the only person I know with a truck, so not bloody likely he’s gonna let me borrow it. 

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