9 thoughts on “Good morning”

  1. This gave me a rush… Who did you write this for?

  2. My girl, who has gone quiet. Why did it give you a rush?

  3. Why has she gone quiet? It gave me a rush in the sense that I kind of heard the words as if someone were telling me it.

  4. I don’t know why.
    I wish you had someone to tell you those words. Do you feel like you’re sinking sometimes and need someone to help you back up? Or want one to think about you all the time?
    It sounds like you need something to give you that nice warm rush.

  5. And if you do want to know more, then I can give you my email address, not all of it is for public reading, but I would share with a friend.

  6. Yeah, I feel like I’m sinking always. That’s why I have returned to writing and blogging. When I’m happy, I can’t reach the dark part of my spirit. Now, I’m unhappy and feeling hopeless so I am attempting to channel these emotions. What’s your email?

  7. @demi There is always hope. Sometimes it’s hard to find and hold on to that, but you have to try.
    You can always vent to me. I’ll listen and give you a place to let things out if that helps. My email:

  8. I’m starting at the beginning of your journal…looking forward to reading through and to find out more about “her”

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