I really need a second job. With all the bills I have I’m not even gonna be able to afford groceries. I’ll be lucky if I get one box of ramen. I applied to US bank and First Link. If I get the job at First Link I’ll stay full time at McDonalds but if I get the job at US bank I’m gonna switch to part time. I’ll be lucky if either of them call me back.

I got a kitty recently. I named her Luna. She is the most affectionate and playful cat I’ve ever met and I am super in love with her. I really needed a companion. Especially for when I move out to live on my own in a 1 bedroom. I currently live with 2 roommates. One of them isn’t speaking. That’s always fun. Just another 8 months of silence. Yipee.

Tomorrow I have my DBT group and then I’m gonna go swimming with my friend Amanda. We had a falling out because I didn’t invite her to my 18th birthday. And also because she’s friends with one of my sworn enemies. But it’s been almost 3 years since that party and she messaged me and said she was gonna give me a second chance. We also might have my bestfriend Kat come hang out.

Oh and my name is “Becky” now at work. They made me a nametag and everything! There was a Hailey, a Haylee, and a Lee. So one day I just had enough and told them they can just call me Becky. My middle name is Rebecca. So it makes sense.

I had to leave work 20 minutes later than usual there was a huge rush. Usually orders are out within 200 seconds. There were people waiting for over 1,000 seconds. I got really stressed and almost cried but I pulled through and we got caught up on the orders.

P.S. Luna’s claws get caught in everything. It’s like she’s always hanging by a thread lol

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