I have not written in my online journal in a long bit. I want to write more but things happen and then I either forget to or I get super lazy. life has been pretty hectic lately. with baby, school and my full time job. I am also trying to revisit the dating scene. school is going well I didn’t expect to do so well however I am making accomplishments in college. I love being a mom but my son gets on my nerves sometimes. ( I say that in the most loving way possible) He is one years old. he will be two on Monday and the terrible twos have begun most indefinitely. I tell him no he throws a tantrum. I tell him to give me something that he has in his hand and he throws it down on the floor, then throws a tantrum when I make him pick it up. when I ask him to come here he tells me no and keeps doing whatever he was doing.  He also ruins everything he touches and throws all my items in the toilet. yet I still love the kid and utterly adorable and thank god everyday he has blessed me with being his mommy. IT IS VERY HARD WORK taking care of a little human being.  Dating is not going so well for me. guys want a free pass these days all they want is to fool around with no commitment and I am not about that. all I need in my life is a god fearing man. I know that it won’t come until I change my ways and grow in faith like I am supposed to .

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