158. A.A

Over the past few months, I have been attending A.A meetings. At first I’d go to one a week, maybe two, obvious enforced vis court. How ever. As the months have past I find my self going to more, talking to more people, following the steps….bettering my self….becoming sober.

That in its self is a lot to admit. 

With the last two weeks being so busy due to Gabbys and my birthday, I haven’t had much time to go. If I’m not mistaken the one i attended on my birthday was the last one…so about a week or so. I walked in today for the usually monday meeting, Gail, one of the older ladies that’s found of my donuts at sundays meeting, walks up to me gives me the biggest hug, hands me a birthday card and goes “I thought you didnt make it”. Meaning, I didnt make it through my birthday sober, I infact did make it through sober 🙂

It was one of the sweetest things ever. The longer I attend these meetings the more i see that those that go to these meetings genuinely care how you, if you’re sober. If you need support…literally anything. It amazes me.

I’m thankful for A.A, the courts for forcing me to go, because the path I am down because of it, is an amazing one. 

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