far away .

I caught a cold and I can’t seem to keep anything down.  But I don’t really have much of an appetite these days anyway.  

Then today I struggled for all day, I had three classes, it was a long day and my head wasn’t here all day. 

I just … don’t want to be here. I know its because I’m going through all of this now, but I really want to go home to Colorado, and I want to go see my love, I just want to be with the people I love. I feel so alone and sad here in Berkeley. But I have just to keep picking myself up, and thats the long and short of it. I will be ok. I’m just worried about my love, he’s not doing good at all. But I know he’s strong. 




I just want to go to sleep in my bedroom, go see my mom, my dad, my doggos. Not here alone so far away from home. 

2 thoughts on “far away .”

  1. I live that loneliness years ago. I left my family at 19, to come here. So I know how you feeling, specially with your boyfriend in the other site..Wish you the best, I Hope you finish wherever you came to do, and can go back to your roots…and especially your boyfriend.GOOD LUCK.

  2. Loneliness is very difficult. I’m sorry. If you can, going out of your way to make a friend can make a huge difference and help you through the hard time.

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