Double Standards

King can be a total manchild. He doesn’t like light, he doesn’t like smells, he doesn’t like sounds, he doesn’t like much.  Our walls are bare for the most part because he doesn’t like anything I try to decorate the house with. I dislike fruity smells for  fresheners, I prefer musk.  My auto sprtizer has some basic bitch pumpkin spice smell because the one I really liked, he hated. 

We are back to his blue fucking pillow. He threw a shit fit to have it out in the living room, sitting on the back of the couch, like a big blue pile of shit. Why is it there? Because I have a vase of peacock feathers in the living room. He managed to point to five different locations that I supposedly have vases of feathers. I do have a ziplock bag placed behind the fish tank that my beasts have been collecting feathers for fly tying class. Other than that, we always have feathers scattered around. They come in on shoes or on chickens…

He points out a pair of hemostats on his HVAC book  “Your hemos have been here for like a week!”…he fails to see the irony in the fact that they are sitting on this book that has been there the last 5 months. His book….that could totally go in the drawer of his desk. 

He picks up a bag of extra pool parts. We have a spot by the front door for things to take out to the pole barn.  They will sit in this limbo for months. It’s tucked away so I don’t really care one way or the other.  So, this bag of pool parts are somehow my responsibility.  They are parked next to a contractor bag with tent stakes.  Again, irony is lost on him. This contractor bag is from the beginning of the year, the tent stakes are from march when we set the pool up. The pool parts are from July.  My placing his pool parts there disrupt his life somehow. 

We are having a house built.  I have an orange clipboard that I keep the plans on, all our sales slips, order forms and what have you. This does get moved around and used a couple times a day. It winds up getting tossed on the couch. By evening, I put it away. He’s still able to bitch about it.  His tote on the fire box that has been there for 3 weeks….that’s totally acceptable…even though the baby birds have been moved to the outside brooder.  He still hasn’t cleaned it.  His tote of clothes he plans on storing….that is out in the living room for the last week.  The growing pile of boxes from Amazon has ‘t been toutched in weeks but gods forbid that I leave a paper on the table overnight. 

I just don’t get how someone can have high expectations out if the people around them but they are exempt.

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