Guess there can be just so many things to happen to anyone just within months..
Recalling back in May when my Dad was hospitalised cause he had to undergo a major surgery

Then to the next few months of focusing on only myself and my life
To change the bad side of me into a better person
Both physically and psychologically…
Life has become so so so much happier

Still working hard to define myself 
Slowing fixing my lifestyle, family, friendships and love relationships 
I used to think that love for me is gone hopeless
Nobody would like me, notice me, nor would I ever get to find that someone so special about again

Until recently, something really strange happened
No matter how many times I tried to reason with logic, it can never be explained
Along with the fear of losing that someone special in my life..
Probably this might be some portent for what’s gonna come for me in the future…?
I’m willing to try and put my heart and efforts into it, yet sometimes feeling so unconfident about myself..

I need to cheer for myself frequently
After all, for these past few months of lessons

I’ve got to learn a bit more about love
I’ve got to correct my misconception about love
That love is all about acceptance
Love is about embracing everything good and bad about that special someone 

Right now, I just wanna follow what my heart is telling me
Even if I might fail in the end, at least I still get to do what I felt like doing for that special someone in my heart now..

Since I have so much love in me to give, I’ll give it all to him then
Cause I want to believe in what God has for me..

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