still in trouble I guess

my last entry I talked about doing shoeplay at school and then leaving my shoe there and going home without it I had forgot it was friday so it was a no show weekend which was cool with me we didn’t do anything anyways. It was kind of weird just putting on one shoe and walking to school guys gave me a hard time and dad said I maybe grounded for life, I looked in the lost and found not there. so I went to class I told my teacher I had a toe tore off she believed me and ask How long before I could wear my shoe I told her like a month not sure she believed me
got home walked in dad is not happy he said I have to cool off before we talk when he says that I know he is mad. when he finally came in my room he ask what was you thinking I told him I guess I wasn’t I hate when parents ask what do you think I should do I never know what to say. I finally said make me pay for them I thought that would work but he said and until you get the money what I told him without thinking I;m good with just my sock not a good answer he got mad again and walked out the door. so we will see if I live or not.

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