Free Loaders

I continue to post my weekly expenses list on the fridge every sat or sun. Every time Mike FLIPS out about it. I’ve gotten used to the psychosis now so I’m better at ignoring the 3am text message rant that goes on for 3 hours…some times more. I just screen shot everything and then put it out of my mind. i don’t even read it. it’s all nonsense. I just can’t understand how you can put hard facts in front of a person and they can still stand there and deny it. 

Now, not only am I supporting his freeloading ass, he’s brought home some homeless dude for me to feed as well. I’m not even joking. He ‘befriended’ (and I use the term “friend” very loosely) this 60 year old man who lives in his van. So he had this man bring his van, park it in front of the house, and Mike very generously ran a power cable out to him….

Mike doesn’t even pay for power. he doesn’t pay rent, he doesn’t pay bills he doesn’t pay for food. And I made this VERY clear to Mr. Barbee, that I can NOT afford to feed myself, my 3 kids, their grandfather, their freeloading dad AND some random vagabond. (I didn’t call him a vagabond to his face). Mr. Barbee assured me he would be on his way on Monday. i even took the liberty of printing out a whole STACK of local shelters and resources for him…

Still here…..

Last night a friend of Jerry’s came down and I could hear him outside telling Mr. Vagabond he needed to move along. I heard him reply he’d be gone by Tuesday….I don’t think he’s ever going to leave. 

Mr. Vagabond has absolutely no shame about coming and knocking on the door and requesting dinner, or coffee, or a toilet….Mike doesn’t even clean the bathroom….I do all the cleaning, in a 4000 sq ft home. HIS FAMILY home-as he never fails to remind me. 

I’m just burnt out and bitter about the whole thing. I spent all most $1500 last month on just household expenses and expenses related to the girls, that doesn’t include my personal bills or anything related to Jacob. While Mr. Hot to Trot Self Made Millionaire runs around telling everyone I’m bleeding him dry. HE contributed $150 last month. But he still showers there, uses the power, eats the food, etc. And expects everyone to bend over backwards and jump through hoops to further accommodate him and his demands. it’s just ridiculous! 

Yesterday his nephew moved in with us as well. He’s apparently going to be paying some kind of rent at least! 

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  1. It all sounds quite ridiculous. You’re doing what you need to, and what you think is right. Thank you for that. At least you can vent on here, hopefully that helps you unload.
    It sounds like you’re doing a good job holding it all together.

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