It’s Late.

Hello. It’s pretty late, but I feel good right now and am in the mood to write about whatever’s on my mind. Besides the fan and my dad getting comfortable in the living room, everything’s pretty quiet in the house. It’s nice.

I feel that I’ve been too immature lately and it kind of bothers me. I often think that I’m too insensitive and not understanding enough when I need to be, I piss my family off a lot—mostly my parents—when I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, that’s probably just part of being my age, though, and I really should stop worrying about it. I use to when I was younger and it was to a point that if I was anxious and thinking about it in the moment, I was afraid to do anything because it was always deemed to be to be wrong in some way or another. A couple of relatives are visiting soon and that’s probably what’s making this come to mind more frequently, too. I will stop worrying about it. I think everything’ll be good if try to make it that way, it’ll all be fine.

On a less angsty teenager note, I tried pumpkin spice coffee recently and it tasted like sour light-brew and I don’t think that’s what it’s suppose to taste like ???
I mean, I’m not entirely disappointed, just confused. I was partially expecting my senses to be blessed with a white girl autumn aesthetic.

That’s about it with me for now… I have more I want to talk about tomorrow, or really later today since it’s around 2:00 AM here. Good day and good luck to you all. What do you think about pumpkin spice coffee?

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Hi, Dakota if you’re reading this! I always appreciate your comments 🙂
You’re right, I shouldn’t, it’s just very tempting to try, even if I know I’ll fail. Thank you so much, I can’t believe you think that! No one has ever said something so nice to me and that feels inexplicably nice to read, thank you again. And, I’m throwing it all right back at ya. You seem to be pretty nice and freaking amazing yourself. I’m glad that you were able to overcome what graduating brought on, that’s really great! I hope you have a nice day too and that life has been kind to you and will continue to do so.

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