Last night.

Gotta go say goodbye to the desert tonight.  I think the universe is telling me to do so anyways.  Don’t have any where to go still.  No one wants me around but yet they all care about me.  Hah.  Story of my life.  You definitely are ready for me and everything of mine and anything that might remind you of me to be GONE   you don’t have to say anything I can tell.  I don’t like the way I feel here.  I’d rather try and stick it out alone by the river than to lay on your floor trying to sleep feeling how I feel.  It’s not your fault but it sucks.  I just want one pleasant thing.  One last good time.  All this depressing shit that’s filled yesterday and today. And tomorrow.  Don’t i at least deserve some happy time.   Some good thing here before I leave?? I need to find it.  I’m sinking fast already. 

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