October 2nd, 2018

Well, it’s Tuesday which means I have archery. They’re bringing pizza to eat for lunch. Lunch here is about forty minutes which really sucks because it was an hour last year. I think I’ve been doing pretty good in archery so far because my aim is almost on point.

Yesterday I fell asleep in my fourth period, which is a block class and takes up ninety minutes as well as my third period. Our school only has six periods, three before lunch (first period: 48 minutes, second period: 48 minutes, third period: 90 minutes) and three after lunch (fourth period: 90 minutes, fifth period: 48 minutes, sixth period: 48 minutes). And lunch in between third and fourth obviously. With the block classes it’s basically two in one so full year courses would only be a semester. Which is the case with my English class. We’ve already gotten through with half a year. In the regular classes we wouldn’t have gotten this far until the end of the semester, and we have our midterm exams in the block class really soon. Which sucks. I absolutely hate exams, and I don’t think we can exempt them. I’m scared to let down my parents and pretty much my entire family if I don’t pass.

Saturday was Memphis Pride Fest, and since my sibling was going, my parents told them to drive me. I told my significant other, who lived a few hours away from Memphis (my family is two hours away from it) and asked if they could go since we had never met in real life. We had been dating for almost two months, so not long but we still wanted to see each other. We met and we had so much fun, but now that I’m back from that, I miss them. I want to live in the same place and be able to cuddle them whenever but I can’t.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. He never really spoke to me enough. Let’s call him… Mark (changed for his privacy). Mark and I met at a band camp. He played percussion and I played flute (I recently quit band, he is still doing it). He and I met at the Wednesday night dance and the next day we decided to become a couple. Now to the reasons behind the break up. Since we didn’t live in the same place we could only talk over the phone. He helped me when I wanted to kill myself because my moirail broke up with me (see information page if you want to know definition) and I loved him. After a while he got overwhelmed by band and started to ignore me. I got super depressed and he wasn’t there to help. The person that sits next to me in art (let’s call them Syn) was the person that told me that I should break up with him. I was scared and after a while I got tired of waiting to see if Mark would reply or even¬†read my texts anymore. So I just texted him that I wanted to break up and we haven’t talked since.

Okay, I’m done. I’m sorry it’s so long. Thank you for reading.


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