Short Story: Seraphina

Author’s Note: This was a project in English last year that I decided to save just cause I wanted to. The assignment was to write about an animal that was pulled out of it’s natural habitat. While most people in the class wrote one paragraph I wrote five pages worth of a story. I hope you enjoy this story and I’ll have another in just a bit.


Seraphina sauntered around her looking at the unfamiliar settings. An arctic fox did not belong in the sunny state of Florida. The sun, the beach, the full warmness and light of the state had overwhelmed the creature. She had problems getting around too, it wasn’t the terrain really, it was the fact that there were trees and plants everywhere. There hadn’t been many in Alaska, because of the cold, unmoisturized air and snow that enveloped the land, and not to mention the permafrost that engulfed the ground. Seraphina was a small fox, only being a few years old, and her fur was pure white. She had always been use to the cold and snowy area of Alaska. Seraphina had always lived there as a wild animal. Her kind was plentiful but all would rather stay away from each other. She leaped around her new home. The couch was soft as she laid on it, but she had preferred the snow. The lamp had provided nice light and heat, but she would rather be in the half darkness, half sunny land of her home. She had usually hunted for her food, but here they had directly given it to her. She loved breaking through the ice and drinking the cold water that came from the ocean, here the water was warm and no breaking was required, this was irritating to her. Keeping her here would prove to be difficult. This new home was quite confusing to the white fox. Her coat glimmered when she stepped outside, she had enjoyed the sun, the problem was the heat. She was never used to it being so hot, at the most she endured seventy degrees. The heat was plentiful all year round here. She hadn’t spent long here, but she new that she would never like it.

“Interesting.” A man said. Seraphina slowly turned to her new owner. She halted her search for a cold and dark corner to sit and lay in during the night, and looked to the tall person before her. His hair dark as the night, his skin tan and sunburnt, his eyes were menacing and dark brown. “I’m glad I found you. I’ll be taking you too the zoo, I hope they enjoy having an arctic fox there.It’s very rare to find one, let alone have one in Florida.” Serphina was not amused with the current situation. She hadn’t known what a ‘zoo’ was, but to her, it had not sounded like a place or anything she would enjoy.

Making her way back through the home, she took note of where things had been. Her paws made a small scratching noise as she walked across the dark wood hallways and rooms. She had stuck her head into each of the small rooms the man had, but never fully went inside them. Hunting and sneaking around had always been her specialties, but never was she used to being able to be spotted. Her white fur blended with the cold white snow, making her unnoticeable when searching for her prey. She was the best hunter in the forest in Alaska and not one creature took her for granted, that she had know of.

Seraphina stopped suddenly and glanced around the metal cage. The metal was dark, but the rest was a weird rough material she had never felt before. Whatever it was, she did not like it. She placed both her paws over the cage and pushed it away. Her paws clicked against the wooden floors again as she laid where the cage originally was, a dark corner, just what she was looking for.

“No, no, no.” The tall man said again. He carefully picked up the fox as he opened the cage and placed her inside. He locked the cage as Seraphina raged against the bars to get out. She bit the metal and pulled it but it had never caved. All throughout the night she tried hitting, pulling, scratching, even trying to get through the bars by squeezing. It never worked. She gave up and laid on the soft material below her. Nothing would work. She had never been caged before, meaning the feeling of being completely trapped was a new feeling to her. Seraphina was a strong and sneaky creature, so how did she get trapped? How could this get worse? There was no way that anything could be worse than what was happening this moment. She pulled herself into the darkness of the cage as the sun rose. Her fur slightly shined in the glistening sun that rained upon her as it awoke from it’s nap.

“Get up.” The man commanded. His heavy boots trudged against the wooden floors. Her head raised slightly. She hadn’t slept through the night, for she never really had. She had always went hunting during the night, for it was easier to catch her pray then. She usually fed on lemmings and hares, but if she had to, she would eat the fish from the icy waters. She stood from the spot where she had laid throughout the night. The warm air touched her skin through her coat. “Come on.” The man ushered once again. “I’ll be taking you over to the zoo later today.” He said once again. Seraphina snarled at the man. She still did not want to travel to this unknown place.

So far she had hated in Florida. Being put in a cage? Hated it. The heat? Hated it. There was nothing she had even liked about this place, and the muddy boot man was the worst part. She had still been stuck in that vile prison they referred to as a cage. It was a conundrum for her, filled with hatred and no promise that she would ever escape from this horrible cage. She once again tried clawing at the bars, biting and scratching. She let out a frustrated noise sounding as if it were dying cat.

“Shut it you mangy animal! I don’t want to hear your stupid screams!” As the man yelled Seraphina prepared to hit the cage wall once again. She ran her paws and sharp nails against it praying that she would be able to start hunting for her food soon again. “I’m taking you too the zoo.” The man had gotten just as frustrated as the arctic fox. She held onto the floors as she felt the cage being picked up. As the man walked around, she too had shifted in the cage.

Soon Seraphina had turned up at the zoo. The man set her on a table where she had been handed off to a woman. The woman’s long hair was pulled into a ponytail. The woman wore a long white lab coat. She placed Seraphina onto another table and crouched down to look into the cage. Seraphina hid in the darkness of the cage as much as she could. Seraphina looked out from the darkness to the woman, she hadn’t yelled at Seraphina as the man had done, nor did she try to force Seraphina into anything.

“Quite interesting to have you here,” The woman said politely. “We don’t have any foxes yet. Let’s get you out of there so we can get you a name, tag you, and we’ll also give you a checkup.” The woman slowly opened the cage. Seraphina hesitated and went back to crouching in the darkness. “You can come out now.” Seraphina slowly walked towards the woman motioning Seraphina to her. “There we go.”

Serapina stepped onto the cold metal table, the sensation of the ice coming back as a memory. Her eyes flared as she again placed her paw onto the table. She repeated this motion a few more times. She stopped and started to slide herself against the metal table playfully. The woman held her still before staring to pet the white haired fox. The woman ruffled and moved the fox’s fur around a little. Seraphina looked at the woman curiously. Seraphina had never felt this sensation before now. This was new to her. The woman stopped and turned Seraphina onto her back. The woman had put gloves on and examined Seraphina throughly. The woman’s touch had calmed Seraphina to a point where she was almost relaxed. It was quite a weird feeling for her.

“All done, Angel.” The woman said. Seraphina curiously turned her head confused at why she had said that. Seraphina merely thought that’s what the woman’s name was. The woman, now referred to as Angel by Seraphina, walked to a cabinet (gloves still on) picking a bottle from it and bringing back to the table. Angel pulled Seraphina’s jaw down and gently paced the contents of the bottle into her mouth. The taste was horrible in her mouth. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine now.” Angel motioned Seraphina back into the cage before picking it up and passing it to another lady.

“What are you naming her?” The lady asked. She held the cage in her hands peering into it carefully.

“Her name will be Angel, because of the pure white fur.”

“Interesting name, but by the way this one looks, she is either confused or does not like that name.” Seraphina looked back to the doctor, taking away the name Angel. She looked at the new lady who took her from the room and cold and into the open. The hot air hit her hard and the sun was even worse on her fur. She sat in the moving cage silent and unmoved. The cage was quite small but just big enough to fit the small animal. Seraphina yawned in the sunlight as she felt the cage stop and being placed on the ground. The lady that took Seraphina by picking her up and holding Seraphina in her arms. She pet Seraphina gently. The lady put her down and nudged her into a small exhibit? Seraphina looked back at the lady behind her and back to the exhibit. “Go on. It’s alright. There aren’t anymore foxes in there, you’ll have quite a bit of privacy.” The lady said. Seraphina repeated looking around before slowly and gently walking into the habitat.

Around was a bit of ice, which she had enjoyed sliding around on, there was a small cold water river at the edge of the place. She looked up and around seeing people staring at her. There were a few children but also adults there and people dressed in the same uniform as the lady that had brought her here. She ran to one of the children that had stared at. The only problem was, there was a protective barrier around her, made of glass. She scratched at the glass slightly trying to find a way around or over it.

“And this is Angel, she is the newest edition to our zoo here. Angel is an arctic fox only brought in this morning. An arctic fox’s diet consists of arctic hares mostly, and fish from streams or the ocean.” A man said. He sounded as if he was excited or happy about something, Seraphina on the other hand did not find the happy. She was stuck in another cage, away from home, where it was blistering hot and there wasn’t very much ice. For now it was partially fine because there was a small iceberg keeping it slightly cold in here.

After a while Seraphina stopped fighting the barrier and sat on the ice inside the cage. She watched as the water sat still in there. Seraphina heard the small noise of a door opening then closing quickly. She went over to inspect it. All she found were two fish piled together. She picked on up and chewed on it for a bit.

This is the moment when she decided maybe living in here, may not be so bad.

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