The feeling of being unloved

 Another day has come and gone but the feeling of emptiness still remains.  Good night my depression hard and feeling of being unloved took over. It felt like I was in a deep dark hole and I could see the light above me but I was unable to get out. I admit I cried and for a guy to admit that something is off. I need to remain strong but this depression drains my energy fast.  One day I might find the woman who will make me whole again then again I may not.  Until that day I will remain alone and feeling unloved.

2 thoughts on “The feeling of being unloved”

  1. As someone who is in a relationship, I dont think that feeling of love comes from a partner. I think relationships are about finding someone you can see yourself building a future with. The essence of love is the feeling of being true to yourself and feeling like you are in control of the happy and even the sad choices you make. We say I love to another person because it’s a powerful word, but the real meaning is a concept still lost to many. Take comfort in knowing if you are strong enough to feel the sad and be honest about it, you will have that immense power of love one day.

  2. I say fuck it, get with your buddies and go out and have fun!

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