day two

Second day was ok.

We’ve had first couple of lessons. It was more or less just professors explaining what will we learn in each class, what they’ll expect from us to do, how will we be graded,… and that is why we always go dismissed early. I expect this kind of lessons for most of the remaining week as we usually have the same class only once a week. The classes ended at 2 p.m. and after that we meet up with another friend of mine back from my hometown (he is more like a friend of a friend and we would sometimes play football together) and had lunch together. He has it even worse than I do – he goes to completely different classes than any of our friends, lives alone with strangers who are way older than we are and who are also not at his flat most of the time. I really do feel bad for him.

I never mentioned where I live have I? I didn’t get in the public dorm rooms because there is just not enough of them near the school, so my friend (who also didn’t get the dorms) and I found a private flat. It’s common to live in a private flat as a student and we share ours with three girls we didn’t know before. I don’t think they knew each other ether before moving in. They are older than us and study on a different school so we don’t see them often. And even when we are all at the flat they just close themselves in their rooms.

After lunch I went home read and played video games (again) and then I started this journal.

I didn’t have as many negative thoughts as the first day, but still, it could be better.

After re-reading this before posting it I found out it is a lot less interesting than the first one, but there can only be so many days when I think a lot.




2 thoughts on “day two”

  1. Sometimes I think you’re better off not to live in the dorms. You get more life experience living in a flat.
    Doesn’t matter if you don’t think your Day 2 post was as interesting, it is what it is! Things will pick up.

  2. Its okay to ramble and unravel your thought, very relatable.

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