Good day I think

Well got all my chores done on the list. School went good had three major test lowest score was a 91 and that was math so I’m happy because I suck at math it put dad in a good mood for a while I make him sound so mean but who writes about the good things parents do there is no fun in that. He did bring pizza home for dinner he never does that must have been a tough day. Then he goes in to the how was your day what did you do we have to eat dinner together and have family time as he calls it. but sometimes it interaction time He ask DJ if he had paid his traffic ticket off but I think he knew the answer cause before DJ answered he said something about talking to the judge. then ask about DJ’s girlfriend DJ hates talking about her to dad. Then my turn he ask about my test and one of the kids at my school being arrested he wanted to know if I  hung around with him I don’t even know him so dad was happy I talking to about being in trouble but I never cause trouble. He ask if I found my shoe I said I didn’t have time to look he got a tone and said really . I said I would look tomorrow I had test in three classes He ask don’t it bother you not having it. I said not really I don’t mind just wearing a sock I did it to myself. He said that was as close to a non smarts butt answer I have given in a long time.  I don’t  mind just because everyone else  wears two don’t mean I have too. He just shook his head and started talking to DJ about football. so not sure what that meant.  

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