Hello !

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning.

Last night, I had a hard time sleeping.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this guy and how it was his birthday and how anyone with a decent conscious could ever treat another human being so cruelly.

Then all these thoughts started festering in my head. AM I REALLY THAT WORTHLESS TO ANOTHER PERSON? AM I JUST NOT THAT IMPORTANT? I mean I know better.

I know my worth, kind of. I mean it would be nice to get some affirmation. Quite frankly, meeting guys and tricking myself to think that this guy might be a guy I could be in a relationship with, just isn’t working out for me.

I quietly sat on my couch last night, as I tried to choke back these sneaky tears that still ended up rolling down my cheeks.

Then the flood gates opened, and I ugly cried. I mean I ugly cried. At first I thought about how pathetic I was, and then I got up and starting sketching . That led to pulling out my watercolors.

I still couldn’t sleep. All I was wanting was a warm body to just hold me close and tell me it was going to be okay.


2 thoughts on “Hello !”

  1. I’m quite sure you’re not pathetic. Yes, you’re lonely. No, you’re certainly not worthless!

  2. Get those tears out! Its healthy. Sometimes, we just need to feel our feelings. But reach out to people near and far for support when you need it!

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