Hello-part II (soft intro)

I realized I jumped into my very first post without sharing a little bit about myself.
2018 has been a challenge and somewhat of a blessing in disguise. 

Let’s see, I started the new year into 2018 sobbing in Moscow’s terminal waiting for my plane back to the US. (should’ve known it was a rough start)
I got divorced and started over from scratch.
I turned 30.
Attempted dating apps, blind dates, experienced countless times of being “ghosted”
Realized that I most likely am not interested in having kids.
Learned to love and cherish myself.
Still getting used to my alopecia, and have become a pro on shaving my head. (I still feel like i look better with a wig, but i do have a cute dome)
I have learned to accept things rather than expect things.
Currently learning to be patient and let things heal with time. 
Realized that 30 is an awkward age and dating is even more awkward.
I dated someone way younger than me at one point. (that’s right, I was a baby cougar for a hot second)
Realized that I have this annoyingly bleeding heart, and I always seem to forget that you cannot assume others are compassionate and fair. 

I just want to say, I am so happy to be here. Also, thank you for letting me emotionally vomit and rant.

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