Life lessons

If I were a god-fearing person I would have to come to the conclusion that god has something against me (or my wife). She’s back in the hospital again – Third admittance in the last two months – going on five weeks total duration. This time it’s a a pleural effusion (water between the pleura and lung). They tried to drain it yesterday but apparently, there was some issue – she’s having a chest tube inserted today.

One day last week I lamented the fact that everything in my life seems so difficult. Just then I had a vision of me in an interstitial life just before this one negotiating my reincarnation. In this scene I’m saying – “Want it all, I want to stretch, learn, grow – give me all you’ve got”…

While I do feel that all of these things are lessons for me, growth opportunities, I have to admit they come with a massive amount of stress.

While I complain, I am also aware that I’ve got the easy part in this particular journey. My wife is the one who has to suffer the brunt of al of these maladies. Her journey started decades ago.

I wonder what she said to the interstitial life planner…

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  1. God tells us that everyone has troubles; but He loves us and is with us through them. Talk to him. Pray for your wife in Jesus’ Name. You will see change. God bless you.

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