missing the feeling

i miss the feeling of having an online friend i talk to regularly. 

i have always enjoyed having online friends. they are drama-free, you can get to know lots of new people and since you don’t really have to talk to them face to face, it’s also social anxiety free! the best deal on the earth. 

the thing is, i just don’t talk to my online friends often anymore. i used to have 3 really close online friends, but we lost interest in each other i guess, so it’s rare for us to text even once a month. 

but the feeling of having someone to talk to, to text with whenever you have time is just amazing. i wish i had an online friend like that; who would text me random shit, tell me about their day and how they feel, rant about their coffee/tea being either too sweet or not sweet at all, and stuff like that. 

it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and make something tingle in my chest when someone shares small details about their day with me. i find it really cute, because most people just don’t care about small details, but i really do. 

the problem is that i am not outgoing at all, and no one really approaches me first online, so if i want to make friends i have to make the first move and initiating a conversation with s stranger is one of my biggest nightmares, so i guess i will just wait until someone decides to befriend me. 

i guess this entry was pretty much it. i just feel lonely without a friend so yeah. 

online friends are amazing. i miss them. 




also it kinda gives me chills to think about the fact that my online friends wouldn’t probably find out if i died or went into a coma. i feel like that would be just a mystery to them; where did dakota go?!

2 thoughts on “missing the feeling”

  1. I hope you find a friend or two again then. I think you’d be surprised how many seek that, but are unable to connect at the level. It’s odd.
    Me … no. Not a good idea. The optics are totally wrong. I’m older than your dad I am quite sure. There is a limit to these things sadly.

  2. I totally get this, especially with the small details thing. They might be the least important things in the world, but they can also be so nice to have shared with you for whatever reason. Online friends are great. Good luck making new friends or reconnecting with the ones you had!
    I agree that it is a little bit of a disturbing thought for something to happen to you so that your online friends get left wondering. I use to get a little worried because I don’t know if anybody I use to know would actually care. And people can say they are whatever they want to online and you almost never know if they could be lying which is hella spooky, especially considering all the news articles on how weird old people steal kids who didn’t really think things through after meeting IRL. LIKE HOLY COW. You never know, I could even be a creepy old guy or small child trying to be cool. Stay safe, dude.
    This is probably weird to say after talking about how everybody may not be who they claim they are, but you can always talk to me ^^

    Bye and have a good day!

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