New rules

Dad typed out a new chore list he says we seem to forget what to get done everyday.

I guess he is still mad cause we didn’t do all the chores and DJ told him we forgot. Not a good answer I guess. He keeps saying count to three before we answer so we have time to think. we were running late this morning dad keep saying get dressed and eat you going to miss the bus He walked in and said DJ get your stuff together and your shirt on NOW DJ rolled his eyes Dad did find it funny, He look at me and said Get you shoes on the bus is due  I have my shoe on and stuck my foot up he said your other shoe I said I only have one remember I lost the other one Not a good answer.  He said you better come up with your shoe I’m not made of money I can’t just spend money every time you don’t think before you act. The bus is coming so got to go. Not sure I get dad sometimes, He hugged us said I love you have a good day. He can go from a lecture to being in a good mood telling jokes in a split second. guess  that’s just dads

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