Not my circus, not my monkeys

Yesterday, Jerry told me he caught the homeless guy taking a crap in the corner of the yard. Of course, i was disgusted and reminded him that we have young children who play outside. He said he would go and dump bleach on it. I told him what ever. You want to go designate yourself the homeless mans shit cleaner and take responsibility for that-and continue to allow this insanity to go on–knock yourself out. It’s not my house, I have made my position very clear. I am NOT supporting anymore vagabonds. Michael brought this guy here, he is Michael’s responsibility and if Jerry wants to take it on then that is his prerogative. I’m not going to stress myself out over this any more. 

He kept saying, don’t be mad, I don’t want you to be mad. 

I’m not mad. Not my circus, not my monkeys. You want to go out there and bleach shit and let this man plug into your electric and shower in your garden hose, and make his coffee and feed him FOR FREE, have at it.

I gave Sailor Sam a STACK of resources for local homeless shelters and benefits and emergency housing etc, he just refuses to utilize them. I’ve done my part. I continue to do my part. But I’m not going to go out of my way any more. In the past I’ve offered to pick up the water bill or contribute to the electric bill IN ADDITION to the cable/phone/int bill that’s in my name that i pay every month, and IN ADDITION to the weekly groceries I buy, but no more. If Michael is going to be permitted to live there for free and then his vagabonds are permitted to live for free I’m not going to go out of my way any more to do extra. 

I’m DONE. 

Weeks ago I told Michael I was no longer cleaning his bathroom. It was/is disgusting. I’m so tired of cleaning up his piss and shit and hair and everything else, just to have him constantly remind me it’s HIS FAMILY HOME. So I was like, that’s cool, CLEAN YOUR OWN BATHROOM in YOUR FAMILY HOME! 

He didn’t. And I refused to do it. No more. So, I get home last night, there is Jerry, his 70 year old dad….cleaning the fucking bathroom. I told him, that’s Michael’s job. That’s the bathroom I told Michael he is responsible for cleaning but refuses to. He said he knew, but it was such a mess, so he’d figure he’d clean it then have my girls keep it up.

Oh no. Nope. The girls are NOT cleaning that shit. They already have their own chores to do. Michael doesn’t contribute not one iota to his FAMILY HOME, the LEAST he can do is clean his own bathroom. 

Idk why Jerry just lets this go on. But I’m not going to stress out about it. I’m not. Screw it, it’s is house. If he’s going to let it continue then so be it. If he’s cool with Michael making the place look like a junk yard, with shit piled everywhere, and letting homeless people park outside and use his utilities, and not require them to contribute financially or other wise…why should it bother me? What ever. 

Not my circus….

3 thoughts on “Not my circus, not my monkeys”

  1. Problem is, Mike just doesn’t seem to care. He thinks he still has you. He’ll just keep pushing things along that way until you’re actually gone. Oh … and he’d go ape shit if you got close to, dating, or bringing another man home. That would make him start to see the light.
    This stuff about his financial input, he (like many others) seem to be blissfully unaware that it takes real money to raise real kids. Being a deadbeat who lives with the kids is not a lot better than a deadbeat who just insists on visitation rights and nothing else. It’s not right.

  2. I’ve seen it from all sides, and am a firm believe that both parents need to be financially supporting their kids. There are no excuses. To not provide money, as I see, it is failing to provide the necessities of life and that is illegal.
    And he’s just plain being an all around jerk.

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