Oh good, required titles.

Balls, I’m tired.

Got back from our yearly trip yesterday. Managed to catch a nice cold while we were there (thanks, dude that coughed for half an hour on the back of my head) and this cold is kicking my ass. I might be done with the sneezing and sniffling, but I am clearly not done with the exhaustion.

I have a whole list of things I want to do, but I look at the various things with a somewhat slackjawed expression and just… decide to do it later.

Balls, I’m tired.

I’ve probably set a record for number of times that’s said in a day. Though since I’m probably the only one that says it, it’s not much of a record. Not something one calls Guinness about. There’s another thing millennials are killing, phone calls. No one calls anymore. It’s all texts and Snapchats and who even knows anymore, I’m too old to keep track of it all. 

So… uh… yeah. Hi.

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