Ok first off I just wanted to say……. Hell, honestly I don’t even know where to start! I’m just so sick of having to explain myself to people to prove my innocence! You of all people should know that more then anyone else! I vented to you when it came down to Emily, when it came down to Brittany, and now look! I’ve lost two people already I was SO close to because they wanna go off believing everyone else but me when I’ve done nothing but show how them much I cared and I honestly tried to do everything right by them! And both of them also knowing how I am because I’ve always warned everyone! I don’t say anything to anyone I wouldn’t say to their face! And that I don’t deal well with drama, and won’t involve myself with it! And with both of them knowing this, and still listening to someone else talk about “what all I said” then they want to come to me with it like they gonna believe the snitch and not even ask me about ***what all REALLY happened*** I’m just so sick of it!!! I don’t know that I can do this anymore! You were there with me through both of them doing this to me and you seen how I was right and how I was telling the truth and I warned them to not believe people that got my name flying out of their mouths!!! And here you go and do the same damn thing to for a third time!!! How in the hell could you do this to me!?!? And go off about how “”you have no one”” well I guess I was a ‘no one’ to you then! Cause I was there for you and always have been!!! But I guess here it goes and I’ll once again try and clear my name of this bullshit and tell my half of the story and you just believe who you want to! But whatever went on inside before you came outside happened, and then I’m sitting in my truck and you come out there and tell me very little about what all happened in there, but go on to show me a picture of the wreck and tell me how your leaving to go see what’s all going on, so I go to continue on my break and Haley walk up to my truck and is asking me if I knew what all was going on with you and why you left! Cause they seen you come out to my truck before you pulled off! And I told her I didn’t know much, but you came out there and said you were heading out to a wreck involving Gavin and Tyler that you just heard about. She then asked what happened and I told her all I got to see was a picture of the wreck and the car was completely in a ditch, and I mean completely! They no one was in the vehicle and I could see Tyler in the picture and he was walking so maybe he was ok, but Gavin wasnt in the picture so I didn’t know anything about his condition, and that you showed me where you were worried cause Gavin sent you his location but it wasn’t showing up and then it finally came through and then you told me you were heading out. She then asked if I knew if you were coming back, and I told her honestly I couldn’t remember what you said about that part but I did know that you clocked out or broke or one, cause your had a time ticket in your hands. She said they sent her out there to ask me because no one knew inside whether or not you were coming back for sure! I don’t her I have no clue, she went back inside, I finished break, I went back inside and was in the office putting my stuff up when krissie came in there with drawers that she had just pulled and then asked about you also. I explained the same thing to her and she asked what was Gavin to you? I told her Gavin was your cousin and obviously Tyler was your friend, but Gavin has been really hurt before because of an accident and it has rendered him handicap right now so he’s already bad off, and who knows if this wreck messed his leg up anymore then it was already. And while I’m telling her this Waylon came up and was listening the whole time, then they told me what happen on the inside, that they had no idea about some wreck, that all of a sudden you just came up and was like “you good? I got all the breaks out and he’s caught up, so now I have to go!” they said they asked you if you were leaving and you just said yeah that you had to leave now, and you should be good to go cause of having the breaks out and Matt was set up. They said they didn’t know if you just meant you were leaving to go on break or if you were leaving leaving! So I told them I had no idea if you would be back or not and then got back to work! Later Waylon walks up to me after everything is almost done and tells me that he’s going to go ahead and call Tammy and let her know what all went on because he knows that she has at least seen that you were not there anymore and knows she gets mad if we don’t call her about these things! So as I’m back there helping Matt do lunch he comes up to me putting gloves on and says ok I got your spot, she wants to talk to you now, so I go answer the phone and she says “ok so, now tell me what’s going on!” and I again go through the whole story about how you came out there, what as was said and all about the location not showing, then showing, how having been hurt before, I mean everything! So then she goes to tell me that when Waylon looked for your file to write you up like she told him to, that it only had one section blank left and it was on the termination section. And I said well with what Scott from human resources has personally told us that it has to be the three write ups then a reprimand with suspension, then it’s termination! So she then tells me to get Waylon to go ahead and write out your reprimand and make sure to put on the reprimand that it CAN lead to termination if it happens again. And I said ok but she would have to tell him that personally so he didn’t think it was my decision or I was making it up and so I called him over have him the phone and then right as he got in it, she told him to tell me to pull the schedule down and to cover your shift the best I could, and whatever I couldn’t then she would just fix layer on. I said ok, walked out, then Waylon stayed on the phone with her for her to tell him about the reprimand. He got back to work after that. Once he was out of office I went in and tried to cover all of the shift but didn’t know what to do about the weekend days and just left them till she could fix them. Then later right before Waylon had to leave, we had a huge problem with this one woman customer and was going to have to do a refund but there was certain issues we couldn’t control and needed the ok to follow through with it, so we called Tammy to ask her what to do about it, then right before they hung up I told Waylon I needed to talk to her. So I got on the phone with her and told her what all I did to the schedule to try and fix it, and asked her what I should do about the weekend, that’s when she went over with me who all was gonna be there and all that so we could fix it, she has me all Josh if he could come in Saturday after he got off at his other job and he said yeah since he was still there too, and then asked me if I could send Ziggy a message and all him if he wanted to come in at 12 on Sunday instead of 2-close. So we were done then, I hung up, sent Ziggy the message, he said yeah he would and that was the end of it. Waylon is the one who wrote it the reprimand, krissie is the one who signed as a witness for it, and I’m the one who had to fix the schedule for your suspension. How this person got in their head that I’m the one who ”””threw you the fuck under the bus””” or “””ratted you out””” I don’t know, but that’s on them and it’s on you that you decided to believe them instead of just coming to me and asking me what all happened!!! I’m just so sick of everyone I try and get close to fucking everything up by believing what everyone had to say about me especially when they had seen it with me and someone else go down the same way! You have no idea what your talking about when you feel like your alone, because that’s how I feel! I’m destined to be by myself I guess cause I can’t keep a man around and evidently I can’t have friends either because I guess other people get jealous and ruin it for me. but you’ll understand one day how much I really did care! I can’t tell you how, but I promise you will!

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